Wednesday, July 3, 2013

F.R.E.E.D.O.M Workout/Daily Prayer

I am taking us back old school. I am going to the days of acrostics. I am channeling my inner 7th grader and putting together a F.R.E.E.D.O.M work out & prayer for the Fourth of July!

I want to take a second though and thank all that have given of themselves, their time, their safety, their loved ones and fought for the freedom we have today. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Okay, so here is how it goes. I have made a F.R.E.E.D.O.M acrostic for both a workout and a prayer so that you can still stay physically and spiritually healthy over this holiday weekend :)

You will go through the FREEDOM work out 2-3x and the prayer as many times as the Lord lays it on your heart.

Frog Hops
-Stand with your hands behind your head, and squat down keeping your torso upright and your head up. Jump forward several feet, jumping unnecessarily high. As your feet hit the ground, absorb the impact through your legs and then jump again. 2x10 
Run sprints.
--4 sets of sprints down and back. Try for the length of a basketball court.
Elbow to knee crunches
    (Also known as Bicycle Crunch)
-- Lay on your back and touch your elbow to your opposite knee. 2x15
Extended leg flutters
-- Lay flat on your back with your hands under your bottom. Extend your legs out until they are straight. Pull in your belly button down towards your spine and then flutter (kick) your legs up and down for 30 seconds, keeping your legs straight the entire time. 2x 30 sec.
You can do both large and small flutters
Decline push-up
--get in push up position. Place your feet on a box or bench. Proceed to do a push up.  2x15
Open side lunge
- Chest up and hands out in front of you. Step out into a lung. Split your feet. One foot forward, the other foot back. Lower your back knee to the ground. Keeping your chest up. This is a lunge. Twist your body, with your arms still out in front, to the open side. (Side of the knee that is back)  Come back to the front and stand up.  Lung forward again with the opposite leg and repeat. 2x15
Mountain Climbers.
For the correct way to do a mountain climber click here. Do 2 sets of 30 seconds each. Really drive those knees up to your chest.

Freedom prayer. We want to pray for the following people/categories and lift them up the Lord. You may add to this prayer as you feel led to. My desire is for you to make it as specific as you can to your circumstance and those around you.  Start by giving praise to the Lord for all He is and all he has done and then ask Him to open your heart and ears to all he has to say. Then lift up your petitions to our mighty God. He wants to hear from us.

Friends/Family- both saved and unsaved
Run to him with everything. Lay it at his feet and in Him find peace, comfort and strength
Exalt His name throughout the World.
Establish strong, faithful, Christian leaders in our cities, states and country.
Desiring more of Him. A hunger and passion for the Word of God.
Opportunities to share the gospel with the lost around us.
Missionaries and Missions. Protection, energy, and comfort as they proclaim the gospel.

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About the Author: Lauren Barksdale is the founder of Soul Fitness. She has a BA and Masters in Kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University . She coached volleyball at Birdville High School in North Richland Hills for the last 5 years. In college she played volleyball for Baylor's club team and at Dallas Baptist University. She has been married to Ben Barksdale for 5 years and has two children; Evie Grace who is 3 and Hudson who is 10 months old. Lauren has a passion for health and fitness and incorporating that into everyday life as a Christ follower

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