Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fitness Goals

I know that many of you have recently decided to get serious about eating healthy and working out...either to lose weight, get in shape, or simply live a healthier life. As a result, you are in the process of setting your fitness goals and making a plan to reach them.

That being said, remember the following helpful tips:

When setting your fitness goals, make sure they are realistic and measurable!
I am all about setting your goals high, but keep in mind that they need to be things that you will actually stick with. Don't be one of those people who get all gung-ho about starting a new fitness program. You know the ones I am talking about (or maybe you have been one of those). They go out and buy all the cool workout clothes, they go on a crash starvation diet, they buy a gym membership to the coolest gym and then what happens??? They workout like a maniac and starve themselves for a few days and then (drumroll please)...they QUIT!!! They hate every minute of it and they are so sore, they cannot even get out of bed!

Don't over do it in the beginning because you know it will not last!
Instead, gradually change your lifestyle. Set small, measurable goals and when you begin to meet them, then set higher goals. For example, do not say, " I want to lose 100 pounds!" Maybe you do need and want to lose 100 pounds, but instead say "My goal is to lose 2o pounds by August 1 (or whatever date seems realistic to you)." Then once you accomplish that goal, set a date to lose the next 20 pounds by. Get the idea!

Make gradual changes!
You cannot go from eating whatever you want and never working out, to a hard-core workout regimen and starving yourself all in one day! (Remember our gung-ho fitness program from earlier) You won't last! Don't say "I am going to start working out this week for the first time in years by running and lifting everyday and I am also going to cut out all fats, sugars, carbs, and only eat salad and drink water!" Yeah right! That will last long!

Instead say, "This week I am going to walk 3 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As far as eating, I will begin to eat smaller portions and eat more frequently (5 small meals a day, instead of 3 big ones)." Then once you do this for a week or two, add new goals but keep doing these too. Your next change could be to add, "I am going to start lifting weights on Tuesday and Thursday as well as try to drink 64 oz. of water everyday and not eat after 8pm." I think you get the idea!

Find someone to keep you accountable!
You are WAY more likely to stick with your plan to reach your goals if you have a person or group to keep you accountable to them! Find a workout partner or a buddy you can have call and check up on you! Don't let yourself sleep in or skip a workout! It is so much easier to get out of the habit than to get back in! Yes, you will be sore and it will be hard at first, but don't waste all that effort by quitting when you are sore, keep pushing and the soreness will pass. You know the old saying, "No Pain! No Gain!" I like this one better, but they say the same thing, "Great Success Demands Great Sacrifice!" Remember this, not only to help reach your fitness goals, but in all areas of your life!

People want a quick fix and I hate to burst your bubble, but there is no such thing when it comes to fitness (or anything else in life really). Yes, we all hear of miracle diets and workouts but those don't work and even if they do, what happens as soon as you gain all the weight back. Fitness is a gradual lifestyle change, not a quick fix!

Goodluck on your journey, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you! If you miss a workout or splurge and eat some cookies, don't beat yourself up or give up...get back up and get back on track...soon it will be habit to eat healthy and workout, it will be a natural part of your life, you won't even have to think about it and guess will actually enjoy it! Your body will begin to crave health instead of junk!

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