Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 2

The eating plan and workouts are the exact same for this week as they were for last week!! We are still shooting for 1200 calories per day: 300 for each meal and 150 for each snack. If you need a reminder of the details or are new to the program, click here.

Tips for the week:

1. On each exercise, never let yourself return completely to the starting position until you have maxed out. (For example, on the bench press your arms will never be completely straight and on the squats, your legs will never be completely straight at anytime during the set of reps)

2. Dr. Ellington recommends doing everything in a cool environment in order to maximize the fat-burning process. This means you should live and workout in a cool place. Try to wear light clothes and sleep with sheets only. Also, drink cold water. These small changes will cause your body to remain in fat-burning mode, trying to keep warm, which will increase your fat loss.

Remember: "Great Success Demands Great Sacrifice"

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