Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Never Let Go

A little over a month ago, I had the privilege of being led in worship by Matt Redman for 2 whole days at the MOPS convention in Nashville! And let me just tell you, that man is inspired by God, there is no doubt in my mind! It was an incredible 2 days of worship, not just because he can sing and has great songs but because he shared the stories behind the lyrics, because he quoted the word and knowledge of the Lord like no other, and because he is completely humble and sincere...he allowed God to shine through him! He even took time to sign our cds and take pictures with us!

My favorite praise song at the time happened to be his song "You Never Let Go" and by the grace of God, he sang it several times during those 2 days, which thrilled me of course! I already knew the powerful words of the song, but that weekend I learned that he and his wife wrote the song together after she had yet another miscarriage! What a testimony to the truth that the power of Almighty God is "made perfect in weakness." He can take the toughest of times and use it to reveal His glory among us! In light of the recent shootings at Fort Hood, I am yet again reminded of this truth. So, to all of you who lost loved ones...the brave men and women who risked their very lives to defend our country...this song goes out to you.

This great tragedy that has occured in our nation also brings to mind the words of Casting Crowns, "Until the whole world hears Lord, we are calling out! Let the powers of darkness tremble as our praises rise! We'll sing until the whole world hears!!"

Rise up church, it is time to take a stand for Jesus...our world is in desperate need of a savior!

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