Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Big A was given 4 free tickets to the Brewers vs. Dodgers baseball game today at Miller Park!

It was an afternoon game so as soon as we dropped Gigi off at the airport (she was here for a week helping us get settled into our new home), we headed to Milwaukee!

Little A skipped his 2nd day of 4K so that the boys could go to the game with can see where our priorities lie! ;)

As many of you know, we have a goal to see a game at every MLB stadium! So far we have been to 10 (including our 1st trip to Miller Park last summer).

Miller Park is actually one of our favorites (if not our favorite) that we have been to so far, for many reasons!

The main reason being that it is VERY kid-friendly, all of the kids' games are even free! Last summer we kept saying that we need to come back one day and bring the boys....little did we know that one year later we would be living here!!

We don't actually know how the game turned out, we left about half-way through because the boys were getting restless and we are all extremely tired from all of the moving and un-packing!

All in all, it was still a great day...the weather was perfect and we were sitting in the shade right behind home plate!

Thanks for the tickets Steve!!

Here is a picture of the boys in the giant baseball glove...

On the way home, we saw something we never thought we would see...a horse and buggy going through the McDonald's drive through!!

Seriously, what in the world?? Apparently the Amish eat fast food??

We are definitely not in Kansas Texas anymore!

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