Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's Been Goin' On

Our life has been completely turned upside down!!

My little boys' worlds have been rocked!

To say the least.

For the past 6 weeks we have been nomads, living on the road.

The boys have been shuffled from one grandparent to the next.

Why you ask?

Big A started his new job as the Pastor of Worship Ministries at Spring Lake Church in Wisconsin on July 6th!!

However, me and the boys did not get to join him until August 1oth!!

In the meantime, I wrapped up our life in Texas and finished up my Worthy of the Prize Summer 2010 commitments, including 3 more volleyball team camps and the MOPS Convention in Orlando! (which I promise to tell you about soon)

Here are some things that have happened during the past 6 weeks...

We rode the Trinity Park train in Fort Worth with Gigi, while Granddaddy rode beside us on his bike!!

My family gave us a little going away party! Cute cake huh, I guess we will soon become Packer fans!

We went to visit "Uncle" Ryan (Big A's cousin) at the Carthage Fire Station where the boys got to be "firemen" for the day!

We flew to Green Bay from are the boys looking at our plane through the airport window!

And now that we have FINALLY arrived in our new hometown, here are a few things we have done...

-we are currently staying with our new friends and "co-workers," Bradley and Tirzah and their 2 kiddos (including their son "H" who will be in Little A's preschool class this year)...we are living in their basement!

-we took the boys to see our new church and to meet some of the staff

-we took the boys to see Little A's new preschool, including his classroom...his new teacher Miss "M" was there so we got to meet her too

And just this evening, she came over to the house to visit with Little A and "H" she is reading to them, "Arthur Goes to School"

We leave for SLC Family Camp tomorrow through Tuesday so I am sure I will have more adventures to share next week, as well as an update on the MOPS Convention!

For now...have a great weekend friends!!

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1 comment:

Tina Hollenbeck said...

You won't be able to help becoming Packer fans; it just kinda happens before you know it! :^)

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