Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Happenings

Despite the fact that we have been crazy busy trying to get settled into our new home and new life here, we have had some time to do fun things as a family!

The people here are super-nice and have been making us feel very welcome in all kinds of different ways (bringing meals, house-warming gifts, pantry items, gift cards, watching our boys, etc), including inviting us to do some really fun stuff!

Here are a few of the things we have been able to do over the past few weeks...

Reading on the couch with Mommy

Backyard Movie Night with friends (including popcorn and smores)

Playing in the backyard on their new "treehouse" (as Little A calls it, otherwise known as a swingset)

Eating waffles with bananas and whipped cream for dinner before Family Movie Night (have no idea why Little E is eating them like a dog, but he LOVES whipped cream...guess he did not want to miss any, I just had to take a picture cause it was so funny)

Looking at the geese and ducks at the Wildlife Sanctuary (we had a picnic out there with another family and got to see lots of animals and it's all free, poor Little E got a bee sting on his ear and it swelled up like Hitch...but he was a trooper and we finished the outing, too bad I don't have a picture of it)

Field trip to the apple orchard with Little A's preschool class (not only did he get to pick and eat apples but he also got to ride on a schoolbus for the 1st time and he got to play on the giant wooden train)

Camping in the basement with Daddy (Little A has been asking to have a campout in the "treehouse" outside but the night they decided to do it, it was rainy and cold so they moved the campout inside)

Took a trip to the throw-back amusement park with friends (all the rides are $.25 or $.50, we had a BLAST, adults included)

Other fun things we have done that I do not have pictures of...

-campfire smores with friends

-movie nights with Big A

-lots of football watching on TV

-church picnic

-lots of bike riding

-several trips to the park

-tons of baseball in the backyard

-dinner and a concert with my man

Stay tuned for more family fun in the days to come!

We are trying to be outside and enjoy the nice weather while we can!!

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