Thursday, September 2, 2010

Until the Whole World Hears

Mary Jo sent me the link to an INCREDIBLE blog post a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you!

Missy from It's Almost Naptime posted about how the enemy specifically attacks adopting families and you MUST read it!!

In fact, I am demanding that you read it! ;)

Seriously though, it is VERY inspiring for Christians, whether you are adopting or not.

Click HERE to read it for yourself.

Before posting this, I polled our adopting families and they confirmed that YES, as soon as they began the adoption process crazy things started happening (such as a husband losing his job), so much that some of them DID question whether or not they should go through with the adoption!

But God showed Himself faithful (as He always does) and continues to reassure them that it IS His plan for them to go through with the process (even though it may take longer than they initially thought) and that His timing/plan is perfect.

Although we are not going through the adoption process ourselves, Big A and I are in full-time ministry. We have dedicated our lives and family to furthering God's kingdom and I can say without a doubt that we are constantly attacked and will continue to be as long as we are living for Him.

It is my firm belief that Satan will do everything he can to prevent people from becoming members of God's family because that is all he has left. You see, he already lost the ultimate battle when Christ defeated sin, death and the powers of darkness on the cross 2000+ years ago!

So, how does Satan try to keep the gospel message from being spread??

He attacks the church!!

And by the church, I do not mean the building or even the people who fill the seats. I am talking about those people who have gained salvation through faith in Christ and who are making a difference for God's kingdom!!

He is simply trying to distract us from our ultimate purpose in life!

Why in the world would Satan need to attack those who are not making a difference for the kingdom?

He doesn't...they are not a threat.

He goes after those who are working against him; those who are living their lives for Christ!

This is why we MUST pray daily for one another, particularly for these adopting that their children will soon hear about Jesus!

But I'm with Missy, he's NOT gonna fact, he's already lost!

So let's not allow him to distract us.

Let's sing Until the Whole World Hears!!

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