Monday, October 18, 2010

Little E

Ever wonder what Little E does while Little A is at 4K?

Besides get into trouble that is! ;)

-He goes to the Y with Mommy 1 day a week!
-He goes to Mom's Day Out 1 day a week!
-He goes to Oasis (Mom's Bible study) with Mommy 1 day a week!
-He watches cartoons in Mommy's bed when he gets up early so Mommy can sleep a little longer!
-He goes on playdates with Mommy when possible!
-He "helps" Mommy around the house and with her ministry!
-He enjoys playing with the toys and taking baths without Little A there to get in his way!

Other news...

I am proud to announce that we are a paci-free household! Little E has been without it completely (does not even use it in his bed) for 4 days now! Woohoo!

His speech is definitely coming along...he says alot more "real" words these days...still mixed with ALOT of babble, but at least his babble is consistent enough that we can understand it most of the time!

We did get his hearing checked before we moved and he passed the test with flying colors so we are hoping that his speech delay is simply a normal 2nd child/boy thing (Little A talked SO early)...or possibly the result of lots of fluid in his ears during his first 2 years of life and a paci in his mouth 24-7! We will keep evaluating it and are not ready to rule out speech therapy yet!

He has definitely turned into a true 2 year old! Every other word out of his mouth is "no" and when asked to "come here," he runs the other way! And since we have moved into this house (which was only 2 months ago) he has managed to dump paint on the carpet and color on the walls, to name a few!

He ADORES Little A and has to do EVERYTHING that Little A does!

However, as much as these 2 crazy little boys have in common, they could not be more different! And we could not love them more! :)

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