Monday, November 8, 2010


Not only have we experienced gorgeous shades of green, yellow, brown, orange, red, purple, maroon and magenta this fall...

But we are surrounded by the Green and Gold of the Green Bay Packers!

Check out this house that we drive by twice a day taking Little A to and from 4K!

They have a shrine in their front yard!

Before and after every Packers game they change the sign hanging from the goal post letting the town know what happened (or is about to happen) with the team! (you can tell by the message whether they won or lost)

In fact, after last night's game against the Cowboys, the sign said:

Cowboys Squat With Their Spurs On! Ouch!

Don't think they are the only ones...most of the cars/houses/people in town are decked out in Packers gear...they even have houses next to Lambeau Field that can be rented out for parties during games!

You always know when it is game-day because everyone in town has on Packers clothing...they even wear it to church on Sunday mornings!

And if there is a noon kick-off, the ticket-holders pack out the 1st service leaving the poor non-ticket holders alone in the 2nd service! (which is 1 of the many reasons SLC added a Saturday night service)

This should give you a small glimpse into our new life!!!

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