Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shop for a Cause

As you do your Christmas shopping this year, keep in mind that the adoption families that we sponsor have shops of their own! (the links are listed on the left sidebar of this blog, you will see them if you scroll down)

You can find some fabulous stuff in these little shops that make great gifts!

And the best part is that all of the proceeds go to help these families raise the money they need to bring their children home!

I have done quite a bit of shopping in these shops myself this year!

I got this adorable handmade snow hat to sport during my 1st Wisconsin winter! (which is already upon us...the snow has been coming down all day!)

I got this pretty "Pray for Africa" ornament which reminds me to pray for all of the orphans in Africa who are waiting for their forever families!

It also reminds me to pray for our Compassion Child Edwin!

By the way, our friends who live across the street from us (he is on staff at SLC with Big A) brought home their little boy from Ethiopia this week! He is a doll and we think he is about the same age as Little E so that will be fun!

I got this fabulous little BeautiControl spa manicure set which is sure to keep my nails looking good! But it also has this wonderful hand cream with it that will keep my hands from getting dried out this winter! Can't wait to start using it! (it just arrived today)

I also got this fashionable wristlet that I can carry my phone, id, credit cards, money, chapstick, etc in when I go to the gym or when I am out and about and do not want to lug a big purse around!

And of course I have a Chosen Child {Adoption Band}, a Chosen Necklace and a Chosen Child {Adoption T-shirt} that I wear with pride! (proceeds from each of these items go to our adoption families as well)

These 3 items are listed HERE in our Online Shop!

Happy Shopping!

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