Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Because of my holiday blogging hiatus, I never did get a chance to tell you about our 2010 Christmas and New Year's events!

Here are the highlights---

I kicked off the season by attending the Festival of Tables event at my church!! It is a wonderful little event where the ladies come out to decorate and provide food/drinks for their table! We all got dressed up and had a fabulous time fellowshipping and listening to a great speaker and some lovely music! I sat with the girls from my weekly Mom's Bible Study (Oasis) small group and had a blast!

We sent out our Family Christmas Card which was designed by Junkyard Cards!! I SO wish I could have sent one to all of you but I would go broke! :)

We attended one of the SLC Christmas Eve Services!! It was AWESOME---the place was packed out, standing room only, people over-flowing into the lobby and the service was fantastic! Afterwards, we went home and had a Christmas celebration with our little family of four! The next morning we had Santa and then flew to Texas!!!

We celebrated with alot of family and friends in Texas!! Most importantly, the boys enjoyed some FUN with their cousins and got to not only see their grandparents but also their great-grandmothers!

We rang in the New Year with friends here at home!!

All in all, it was a wonderful time of year!!

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