Sunday, February 27, 2011

mom2mom {linky party}: ABC Scripture CD for Kids

Every week when I sit down to write the newest installment of mom2mom, I seem to have the song “These are a few of my favorite things...” running through my head! :) Some of my favorite crafts, recipes, and resources have been featured so far…and this week’s is definitely another favorite!

A few months ago, I became burdened to begin teaching our son, Grayson, specific Scripture verses to memorize. He hadn’t turned 3 yet, so I thought he might be a little young, but it was still a thought that crept up often.

I came across this CD about a month ago and it has been awesome! It’s called 26 Alphabet Bible Verse Chorus Songs, by Thingamakid. I had several recommendations from friends for good Scripture CDs, but I had a hard time narrowing it down – I liked some songs from one CD, and other songs from another. When we found this CD at our local Christian bookstore (for $4.99), I couldn’t pass it up! Every song is great and I’m already surprised at the number of songs that Grayson has completely memorized. I also really like that it has the reference, along with the verse, in each song. So he's actually memorizing the reference, too! Not too bad for a 3-year-old!

My plan is to start teaching Grayson a “letter of the week”, along with a corresponding Scripture, and plan several activities that revolve around that letter. Before you say “You’re crazy!”, I am a former teacher and I happen to have a child that LOVES to learn! He always wants to “do school” – usually a printable activity that I’ve found online or a sheet that helps him practice using scissors. I’ll play this CD (probably on “repeat” for that week’s Scripture) during our “school time”. To make my job even easier, Thingamakid even has free printable coloring sheets for every verse! You can download them here.

You can purchase this CD in your local bookstore, online here, or download the mp3 version from Amazon!

Do you have any ideas for teaching your kiddos Scripture? Feel free to link up with a post or leave us a comment!

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Cap Creations said...

Hey girls! I love the ABC Scripture thing! And love that they have the printable letter pages! Need to look into getting this one.

I didn't link up any scripture learning tips but I do have one for spelling words that I linked up! Thanks!

Designed with Purpose said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I have had trouble finding bible song CDs for my 4 year old that aren't completely outdated and dare I say dorky. I will try this one with her! Sorry I don't have a link up for this topic but you have inspired me to write one!

Mike and Wanda Jarchow said...

This is wonderful! I am planning to use the scripture ABC to teach a CoffeeBreak Storyhour weekly lesson this fall. If you have any lesson plans/crafts to go with each scripture, let me know! Thanks!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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