Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mom2mom {linky party} highlights

If you missed yesterday's mom2mom {linky party} go HERE to check out MJ's great "traveling with kiddos" tip and share any travel tips of your own!

I know with spring break trips taking place and summer trips coming up, we moms (and dads) can use all the tips we can get, especially for those of us whose families live millions of miles away (ok not really but it seems that way when we are traveling with our kiddos)!

I don't have too many great travel tips of my own (that I can think of) besides portable dvd players and iphone/ipad games!!

Big A also has a Nook and it is cool because he can download children's books that have the option of "read to me" which is great for our boys who are only 2 and 4 and cannot read to themselves yet. The Nook reads it to them!

Stickerbooks are pretty good at keeping them busy!

And "car games" are great too!

My boys LOVE to play "I Spy"---where the person whose turn it is says "I spy with my little eye something _____________ (fill in the blank with a color)" and then everyone else tries to guess what they are talking about!

Do you have any fun "car games" that keep your kids entertained?

Please share!

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