Monday, March 28, 2011

Somewhere Over the (Fruit Loop) Rainbow: mom2mom {linky party}

It’s officially Spring (although it doesn’t quite feel like it) and Spring in Missouri means rain! If we’re lucky, with rain comes rainbows! We had a great spring storm last Saturday that was followed by a beautiful rainbow. The teacher in me wanted to explain the rainbow to Grayson, but have you ever tried to explain a rainbow to a 3-year-old? Haha! I thought that making our very own rainbow would be the perfect post for this week’s mom2mom {linky party}!

We started with a rainbow drawn on cardstock, Fruit Loops cereal, markers, and glue.

I drew the “lines” of the rainbow on the blank one so Grayson would have an idea of where to glue the cereal.

We spent a few minutes sorting the cereal by color into 6 bowls. Of course this is the perfect time to snack on some Fruit Loops!

Starting with purple, I ran a line of glue along each “color” and Grayson placed the cereal along the line.

Depending on your child and their attention span, you might want to break this activity up. Grayson ended up taking breaks to play with Legos and tractors, but came back to the rainbow quiet often. If you have an older child, I’m sure you could finish it all in one sitting.

Here’s the final picture of how Grayson’s rainbow turned out! It is also a great activity to use to talk about Noah and the flood and how rainbows signify God's promise – that he’ll never flood the earth again! Gotta love an activity and a teachable Bible moment all in one!

Do you have any great Spring activities for your kiddos? Link up or leave a comment!

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