Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mom2mom {linky party} highlights

This week on mom2mom, MJ shared some fantastic spring cleaning tips HERE!!

I know, I know---spring cleaning, ugh!

But we've all gotta do it so check her list for some ways to make it easier on you!

{Don't be intimidated by the picture of the flawless 50's housewife, I don't even look that good when I'm all dolled up to go out!}

And if you missed my mom2mom highlights post from last week, go HERE for information on a fabulous product that will definitely make your cleaning life MUCH easier!!

This coming from the most non-homemaker type there is.


I am SOOOOO super-excited to share with you my next craft project (which are few and far between around here)!!!

I LOVE to decorate and I have found that I can make wreaths!!

Ok, so I have only made one BUT...

The outcome of my winter wreath (which is still hanging on my door by the way) is lovely, if I do say so myself! ;)

So I have been searching for a spring wreath and I kept seeing these floating around blogland...

And I fell in LOVE!

But...I did not think I could make one because I thought you had to sew the roses and I don't sew!

Until....my friend posted a picture of this wreath (that she made) on FB...


And when I asked her about it, she told me that she actually made the roses with a hot glue gun!

I was SO excited because I actually have one of those and know how to use it! ;)

So I asked MJ to find me a tutorial on this because I love and copy all of her crafts!!

And of course she found me the perfect tutorial HERE!

(same blog that the pictures of the first two wreaths came from)

Check it out for yourself, it looks super-easy!

I will post pics when I finish mine---and if you make one too, be sure to link-up to our mom2mom {linky party} and let us see your beautiful creation!

Happy Spring, friends!!!

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MJ said...

Be sure to check the Dollar Tree (and maybe other dollar stores) for grapevine wreaths and styrofoam wreath forms! They can be pricey at crafts stores (at least the styrofoam ones can), so you can save yourself a little money and still have a cute wreath! :)

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