Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Am Crucified With Christ {And Now I Live}

In light of recent tragedies in Missouri and Alabama {and other circumstances in life}, I have been thinking alot about God and His will.

Sometimes I simply do not understand why He allows certain things to happen or puts us in certain situations.

Particularly when we are truly striving to live for Him, wanting to do His will and to become more like Him.

And then I think about Christ.

He was in perfect alignment with the Father's will and look what happened to Him...

He was crucified.

And when my perspective is right, I count it an honor to be crucified with Christ.

For I understand that sometimes we have to go through the fire {like silver} in order to be refined.

In order to become like Him.

And I would much rather go through the fire with God than walk any other path without Him.

So in the words of MercyMe...

"If that's what it takes to praise you; Jesus bring the rain."

Lord, use these tragedies and other unfortunate circumstances in life to bring glory to your great name....

to further your kingdom...

to save the lost...

If this is what it takes for us to see you, let it be.

I love how my friend Jen of Team Chase 4 and Counting puts it HERE.

She says, "the journey is difficult, it stretches me in every aspect, but it is SO worth it. Not just because of the end result {which I look forward to with great hope}, but because of what I am learning along the way."


Needed. To. Hear. That.

Listen to this incredible song by Laura Story {love her}, which I have shared before.

It will help you through the dark days.

Seriously, listen to it. It will bless you greatly.

{Be sure to scroll down and click "pause" on the music player before watching the video}

Go here to download a free {blessings} print that you can display in your home or on your computer. It is based on the lyrics of Laura's beautiful song.

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