Monday, June 6, 2011

mom2mom {linky party}: thank you gift for grandparents

School's out for summer here in Missouri and that means vacations! Today's mom2mom post is about a thank you gift for grandparents (or any out of town guests) that come to visit you this summer.

My parents came to spend a weekend with us last month. Grayson was so excited for his grandparents to watch him play soccer and to see our house. I took pictures the whole time my parents were here: pictures of them at the soccer game, at the animal park we went to visit, and other happenings throughout our weekend.

A day or two after they left, I chose 20 pictures of the weekend and had them printed at Sam's and picked up a small photo album at Target.

I put all of the photos in the left-side of the album and left each right-side "page" blank.

After filling the album, I sat down with Grayson and had him describe what was "happening" in each picture. I wrote exactly what he said on a Post-It note and stuck in on the right-hand "page."

I then went through and typed up all of Grayson's quotes in 4x6 text boxes, making sure to type them exactly how he said them. I thought it added a little more charm to the album.

I printed those quotes, cut them out, and filled the right-hand "pages" of the album. Now it reads as a story of what Grayson thought happened over the weekend trip. We mailed it to my parents about a week after they left, so they had a little gift to say "thank you" for making the trip out to Missouri!

I plan to do the same thing for Scott's parents when we visit them in the next 2 weeks.

Do you have any great ideas for thanking grandparents or other out-of-town guests?

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