Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: MAVS!! {printable}

I am SO proud to be a MAVS fan!!
Any other MAVS fans out there?

Against all odds and deservingly so, they took the trophy home to Big D!             

I absolutely love the quote on my friend's FB page, which said:

The Dallas Mavericks took their talents to South Beach and won an NBA title...I thought that was what LeBron was gonna do!


Seriously though, they truly displayed one of my favorite quotes in their efforts:

Talent wins games but TEAMWORK {and INTELLIGENCE} wins championships!!! {Michael Jordan}

I can't think of a better summation considering who they were playing.

And I must say I was disappointed to see the Heat give up in the final game.

It really showed their true character and made me even more proud of the MAVS considering:

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. {Vince Lombardi}

If you are a fan, go HERE and click "Like" to download this awesome free MAVS printable which you can print and frame or simply use as a background or screen saver for your computer!

You can also enter the contest for a chance to win a free 8x10 print of it.

Spread the word!

Goodluck and GO MAVS!!!

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