Monday, August 22, 2011

{Pinspiration} The One With Letters, Fish and Lunches

Pinterest is my new addiction. Seriously. Cannot. Stop. And I've only been on it for a week!

So I decided I needed an outlet for my fabulous finds, which led to Pinspiration. Basically, at the beginning of every week, I am going to try to post a few of my favorite pins from the weekend. And I hope you will link-up with some of your favorite finds.

Like I need more Pinspiration, ha!

LOVE these letters framed with scrapbook paper! Wouldn't these make awesome Christmas gifts? Especially if you found Vintage Frames at a garage sale and repainted them. They are perfect for the entryway of your home or for an Alphabet Wall for the playroom. I better get to work!

Ok this is brilliant, particularly when you have little boys who love to "fish." Plus, it is a healthy snack! We will be doing this at our house very soon.

A lunchbox drawer. Genius. We start school in a week and a half. Pretty sure we will have a lunchbox drawer by the end of the week. Just need to figure out which drawer it will be.

Do you have any fabulous finds from the weekend?

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