Sunday, December 4, 2011

{Day 4}: With Us

Today's Physical Fitness:
30 minutes on the eliptical

Today's Spiritual Fitness:

I find it so fascinating how God continues to place me in the right place at the right time to hear a word from him that I know without a doubt is directed at me.

So, today in church we were talking about the fact that the Christmas story is all about God being...

And that it is his story, not ours.

And I could not help but think about the things we have talked about on our 25 Days of Fitness journey the past few days...

-- how things never quite seem to go the way that we planned
-- and how God does things his way, with his custom label on them, in ways that we could never have
    imagined or even wanted, quite frankly

We also talked about the "characters" {if you will} surrounding the Christmas story...a bunch of unlikely people who we know close to nothing about.

For example, all we really know about Mary is that she was probably between 14 and 16 years old and as for Joseph, he was a carpenter.

And that's about it.

This of course reminded me of our discussion on Day 1, that God uses ordinary people.

You would think God might give us a list of Mary and Joseph's qualifications, as to why he chose them to carry and raise his son.

But instead, he barely gives us any details.

And I really love what the pastor had to say about it:

God does not choose to use us in his story because of who we are or anything we have done. It is not about us. He is the central character in his own story. He is the one who gets all the glory.

And the ones he chooses to use are those who are willing to let him overwrite their story with his story.

If we want to be apart of God's story, we have to give up the one that we have written for ourselves.

So tell me, are you willing to do that?

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