Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baseball Valentines

I came across this fabulous baseball valentine idea over on the Jacolyn Murphy blog a few days ago and I. fell. in. love.

If you've been hanging around here long, you know that we are huge baseball fanatics fans. So much so that both of my boys' rooms are covered in baseball gear and collectibles, alot of which we have gathered as we travel around trying to see a game at every MLB ballpark. But most of it is Texas Rangers memorabilia, given to us by my parents, who have season tickets to the Ranger games - which we try to take advantage of as much as possible. :)

Obviously I had to make some of my own baseball valentines, knowing that my boys would LOVE them!

They are SO incredibly easy to make and SO darn cute!

I bought the soft baseballs and felt heart stickers at Hobby Lobby and simply stuck the hearts onto the baseballs. You could always glue them on if you need it to be more permanent for your purposes.

Then I wrapped them up and tied a bow on top.

Before we give them out, I will attach one of these cute tags - if I can decide which one! I used a variety of different baseball "love" sayings that I either made up, gathered from the web or from the poll on our facebook page, some even have a spiritual focus.

Feel free to download them for your own baseball valentines.

My plan is to give these to my boys when I take them out for their mommy/son valentine dates this week. Little A actually walked in on me when I was making a sample one and already told me who he wants to send his to. He was SO impressed, his big brown eyes were wide with excitement! :)

For more handmade valentine ideas, be sure to check out our Prayer Rock Valentines and our Handprint Valentine Hearts.

Also, I have created a Valentine's Day pinboard. Check it out for more fun valentine ideas - and if you have any crafts, recipes or other valentine-ish ideas of your own, leave the link in your comment and I will pin your ideas to my board as well.

Don't you just love Valentine's Day? ;)

We love because he first loved us. {1 John 4:9}

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Alexis said...

Thank you so much for posting my baseball Valentines! Yours look great...so easy, huh!?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Homegrown Learners said...

These are SO CUTE!! I have a huge baseball fan here and we will be making these for his Valentines.

Thanks for linking with "LOVE-ly Ideas"!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Thanks for the great idea, Alexis - and yes, SO easy! Thanks for stopping by Homegrown Learners - I hope yours turned out great :)

Jan_in_OP said...

I'm SO thinking that I can use these as part of our church's volunteer appreciation ministry... Adorable!! (Of course, i just did our Valentine's day treat - but baseball season is next on my list!!) Thanks for the idea!!

Worthy of the Prize said...

You're welcome!! Glad you like it! :)

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