Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Legacy of Love

I would like to give a shout out to my high school volleyball coach, Joni McCoy, who was recently inducted into the Texas Girls Coaches Association Hall of Fame!!!

An honor so earned and deserved. It was truly a privilege to play for and coach with her all of those years.

This is the poem I wrote for her Reunion/Retirement party 7 years ago...WOW!! Has it really been that long?

Slow down, time. ;)

A Legacy of Love
By Erin Vick Franklin

A legacy of love
Is forever written on our hearts
 And the words will always be
Sweet memories of our days together
And the love that we continue to share

The faint tug on our hearts
Of days gone by
Remind us of that time
When we could conquer the world
So long as we were together

Our fearless leader, tried and true
The Real McCoy
Stood by our side through everything
The victories and the defeats
The laughter and the tears
Life and love
And all that we encountered along the way
She believed in us more than we believed in ourselves

Looking back
It’s just too good to be true
It’s as if it was a dream
And she made it all come true
For this we are forever grateful

 In all of life we know
There will never be another McCoy
Another me, another you
Another time such as this
But one thing remains to be true
These are the days we’ll remember forever

Congratulations, Coach McCoy! We love you! :)

These are the girls from "my years" who were at the retirement celebration - members from the 1995 State Runner-Up and the 1996 State Championship teams! We played together in the exhibition games that day and had a blast re-living the "glory days." Love you girls!

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