Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Desserts Without The Regret

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and each person starts to make plans for Turkey Day I know that each person is thinking of the food that will ordain each table and will inevitably be leftovers for the next week :) I may be the only person who actually does not like Thanksgiving food. Gasp! I know, its almost like its unAmerican :) To top if off, this year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving day. So I get to celebrate the big 2-9 with a large bird and fixins that I do not particularly like. BUT the thing that saves Thanksgiving food in my book are the desserts. Now almost every other day at the year I have no problem saying no to desserts but there is something about the made-from-scratch pies and cakes and the aroma of each of these filling the room that makes it very hard to pass them up.  So, I thought I might pass on a couple guilt free recipes that can be either for dessert on Thanksgiving or even snacks during the day. They will keep you full, fuel your body and let you enjoy that second helping with a little less guilt and shame ;)

I hope you enjoy

Protein PB Balls

-1 cup of AdvoCare Muscle Gain ( vanilla or chocolate) - you can use other forms of protein. I chose this one because it is one of the highest quality proteins on the market.
-1 cup of Peanut Butter ( natural or organic)- Walmart has "Natural Skippy" that you dont need to stir
-1 cup of Honey (try for locally made or organic)
- 3 cups of nuts (optional) and rolled whole oats

Chop or put the nuts in a food processor; keep the oats whole, mix it all up and roll into small balls. Keep in the fridge. Can be frozen. ENJOY :)

Banana Pudding

- 2 large boxes of sugar free instant vanilla pudding 
-5 cups of low fat milk 
- 5-6 oz of low fat sour cream 
-2 cups of lite Cool Whip 
-2-3 bananas 
- Low Fat Nilla Wafers 

Pour the dry vanilla pudding mix into the cold milk. ( Pouring it into the milk prevents it from being lumpy when stirring). Mix well. Add the sour cream and Cool Whip. Let the pudding set for a few minutes. When it is set, line the bottom of the bowl with Nilla Wafers. ( If preparing this ahead of time, you may want to skip this step and just add the wafers to the top before serving so they do not become soggy). Pour the pudding into the bowl covering the wafers. Garnish the top of the pudding with more wafers. 

I know a couple of you may be freaking out about the sour cream. I PROMISE you will not taste it and it actually helps give the pudding a little bit of thickness. 

I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and get to try out these recipes! :)


About the Author: Lauren Barksdale is the founder of Soul Fitness. She has a BA and Masters in Kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University . She coached volleyball at Birdville High School in North Richland Hills for the last 5 years. In college she played volleyball for Baylor's club team and at Dallas Baptist University. She has been married to Ben Barksdale for 5 years and has two children; Evie Grace who is 3 and Hudson who is 10 months old. Lauren has a passion for health and fitness and incorporating that into everyday life as a Christ follower

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