Monday, February 11, 2013

{Hope for the Home} Linky Party: Love Hand and Footprints

For this week’s Hope for the Home linky party, I have a cute, simple, and inexpensive craft for you!  It would be the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your children’s’ grandparents.

I started with a 1”x8” board that was about 24 inches long. Be sure to sand the rough edges so your littles won't end up with splinters!

I gave it two quick coats of paint in Cherry Cobbler.

In order to figure out the spacing for the hand and footprints, I traced the “L” (Pharmacy font size 515) and the “e” (Pharmacy font size 492) onto my board with a ball-point pen.  I simply traced over the letters that I had printed out on my computer, which made a little indention on the board.

Next, using white paint, I painted my little guy’s hand and pressed it on the board to form the “o” and my little baby girl’s feet to form the “v”.  After their hand and footprints were complete, I simply filled in the “L” and “e” with the same white acrylic paint using a small paint brush.

I love having this on my mantel of the great and wonderful blessings that the Lord has given our little family!

Go here for more ways to make God apart of your everyday life and home, and be sure to link up your own ideas below!

About the Author: MJ Smith has her little corner of the internet to document her family, their home and their adventures - and any crafting that occurs along the way - over at 517 Creations. She has the greatest job in the world: being a stay-at-home momma of a wild and wonderful little boy and a sweet little girl, and is married to Scott, a pastor, which often makes for such a fun (and crazy) life!

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