Thursday, August 1, 2013

Supporting the Henry Family during July and AUGUST!!!

We have decided to extend the July family into AUGUST! All the support we get from our Chosen Child wrist bands will go directly to the Henry family! They have been anxiously waiting for their little boy that they got to host during the month of July! They are preparing more paperwork and their dossier to the country! Lets support the Henry family!
Here is a little more about them from Ryan, the Father:

Linda and I have been married for almost 11 years and from the begin we knew that we wanted to have a big family. While struggling with fertility issues we researched into international adoption. We have been blessed to have 3 amazing children Caden who is a sports loving 8 year old, our 6 year old fashion designer Libby, and Lexie our little entertainer who is 4. We learned about New Horizons for children through a friend who had hosted. It is a hosting organization that exists to show the love of Christ to orphans from Latvia, Ukraine, and China. A side benefit to the program is that it exposes these children to families in the United States. We honestly went into to hosting thinking that we would advocate for this child to be adopted. We were open to adoption but it just didn't seem like the "right time". Little did we know that this child was going to change our hearts.

You can follow our journey at:

Or if you would like to donate directly:

How are the ways you can help support them? There are two ways besides going to their site, the first is by buying a chosen child band at our shop. They come in all different colors and great for teachers and for your keys!

Also you could buy a chosen necklace from Cap Creation site who have been great supporters in this mission.

Chosen (Adoption Necklace)
We love being able to support each family and have the Henry family join our mission. If you would like to have a fundraiser with us, contact Julie Steed at we have September, October and November open for your family! 

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