Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{Chosen Child} Support the Hala family!

We have the opportunity to support the Hala family in fundraising for their adoption for the months of January and February!  With the sale of each Chosen Child band, we will donate the proceeds to the Hala adoption fund.  

Let's get to know them!

Jonathan and Megan Hala have been married for 6 years. Their adoption journey began before they even met. Jonathan's father was adopted and his sister has special needs. Brought up in a Christian home, Jonathan learned that love and family was a choice and a commitment one made with those God gives around you. Megan, even as a child, had a strong desire to adopt. She grew up the daughter of a pastor and decided to follow Jesus at a very early age. She felt that God had filled her heart with love and that she could give it to any child, biological or from adoption. 

On their 2nd date (yes they were young and already in love) they discussed what families would look like. Both expressed a desire to adopt. They were engaged 3 months later, and wed on the 1 year anniversary of their engagement. Six years later they have settled in Houston, Texas. They have built a home and community of close friends who love and support their adoption. Megan and Jonathan are adopting through the Gladney Center for Adoption in the ABC (African-American Biracial Child) program. They are so excited to welcome a new member into their family and thank you for your kindness and support!

Click here to purchase a band in support of the Hala Family adoption!

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