Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ladies Retreat

We were priveleged to get to speak and to lead team-building sessions at the WCBC Winter Ladies Retreat last weekend at Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose! The theme for the weekend was "It's Tough Being a Women," and was based on the life of Esther, particularly Esther 4:14. So we built the 3 sessions around this theme and verse. We took a look into Esther's life to find hope for our own life. We found that even though life is tough, we can find hope in the fact that God made and gifted us for a specific purpose and gave us a support group in the body of Christ! We also talked about the importance of setting goals to help you fulfill God's purpose in your life. It was a joy to get to know and lead these women during this time. They had a great time playing the team-building games, getting to know one another better and just being kids again!

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