Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Button

You will notice on the right side of the screen, a new WOTP blog button. Please feel free to grab this button and post it on your blog page. That way people who read your blog will be able to click on this button on your page and it will take them to this blog page. This will help me greatly with advertisting my sports ministry and my fit camp!

In case you do not know how to put this button on your page, here are the steps:

1. Copy the html code in the the box underneath the blue WOTP button on the right side of my blog page

2. Go to your blog page

3. Sign in and click on 'Layout'

4. Click on 'Add a Gadget'

5. Click on 'Html/Javascript'

6. Paste html code into the bottom box

7. Save

8. Right click on button on the layout page and drag button to where you want it to be located

Facebook users...another way you can help me out is by becoming a fan of 'Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries' and by joining the 'Worthy of the Prize Fit Camp' group!


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