Friday, August 7, 2009

A Week in Review...

You did it!! You made it through Week 1 of the workouts and you are still alive!!! Personally, I really enjoyed it, I love the low impact, it reminded me of my training days! And guess what?!!? I have already lost 1% body fat since Monday!! Woohoo! Monday we can retest your body fat at Fit Camp to see how much you have lost!

Don't forget...if you are not feeling the burn on the exercises, then you are either not going SLOW enough or you need to ADD weight! If you can do 8 reps with good form, you definitely need to add more weight!

How have you been doing on the eating plan? Hopefully you are sticking with it because you WILL see results fast if you are strength-training and eating well! Try to stick as close to the plan as possible and if you have to make substitutes or add in a snack, make it a healthy choice!

Now that we have hit the weekend, remember...restaurants give you 4X more food than you should have in one sitting....ahhhh...and even their "healthy" menu items can be high in make smart choices this weekend, don't blow what progress you have made this week! I will be checking in with you on Monday and I want to hear good reports!

Don't forget...DRINK YOUR WATER...128 oz. a will revive your muscles, curb your appetite and help you lose weight!

Quote for the week: "You are successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal!"

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