Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1st Show

Yesterday was our 1st Official Fit Band Show and I must say that it was a HUGE success!

The Canyon Creek MOPS group invited me to come and speak to them about Health & Fitness, so I did my talk entitled, "Physically Fit Moms!" My entourage (aka. MJ and Melissa), as they call themselves, came along to help me and we had a great time! The ladies were SO nice and it was a very well run meeting, we got some great ideas! We are wondering if it will be okay for us to attend both their group and our group from now on?!!?

While there, we debuted our Fit Bands and actually sold alot! There were about 30 ladies in attendance and we ended up selling 7 bands and 12 sets of cards! Plus, several ladies took order forms so that they could order Christmas gifts! And the best part was that they asked me to return in the spring to speak to the CC Preschool Families!

To date, we have sold 26 bands and 19 sets of cards! Pretty good for our 1st 4 days in business! They seem to be a hit and will make great gifts too!

By the way, I forgot to mention that last weekend, I had the privelege of speaking at the 2009 AMBC Fall Worship Retreat! My breakout session was entitled, "Back to the Basics: Being Physically Fit." It was alot of fun talking with adults about how to incorporate health & fitness into their already busy daily lives! Of course I always make my groups play at least one silly game!

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Benita said...

You should come and talk to our ladies group!! :) Miss yall!

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