Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game On, Cancer!

Today we participated in the Livestrong Austin 5k race against cancer and it was awesome!! We WILL win this fight! Here is our team:

Our team was called Ivey/Worthy of the Prize, which is a combination of my sports ministry and my dad's construction company. My little guys even participated!

We did have a team shirt that I must say was WAY cool, here is the back:

I raced in memory of Cherie McDonough, Nancy Martinson, Brick James, Pe-Pa, and Jennifer Tyde! I raced in honor of Joni McCoy, Teresa Price, Vesta Jennings, Jim Everitt, Denise Ward, Wanda Bean, Lester Byrd, Kim Thompson, Joe McGruder, Jodi Brown...and so many more!

It did get a little emotional at the end of the day when people were writing in sidewalk chalk the name of loved ones that they raced in honor/memory of, in of our team members raced in memory of his wife who he just lost to breast cancer a few months ago. We will NOT give up!

Game On, Cancer!

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