Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 10: Wednesday {12/8/10}

Workout Routine for today---

- 5 minute warm-up (walk, stretch)
-30 minutes on the elliptical at a brisk pace
-free-weight routine combining upper and lower body (squats, calf raises, bench press, shoulder circuit, bicep curls, tricep extensions and abs...8-10 reps on each)
-5 minute cool-down (walk, stretch)

Spiritual Reflections for today---

"You are my child. I love you dearly. I'm aware that someday you will turn from me and walk away. But I want you to know, I've already provided a way back."

"You wonder how long my love will last? Find your answer on a splintered cross, on a craggy hill. That"s me you see up there, your maker, your God, nail-stabbed and bleeding. Covered in spit and sin-soaked. That's your sin I'm feeling. That's your death I'm dying. That's your resurrection I'm living. That's how much I love you."

Prayer for today---

Lord, help me to never forget what you did for me on that cross. Help me to never question your undying love for me. As we celebrate your birth this Christmas season, help us to remember that you were born to die...for us. Amen.

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