Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fitness Frustrations- Part 2

Just got home from church and the house is quiet.

Big A is at church, as usual, for handbells and then basketball.

Handbells and basketball. Interesting combination.

The little men are fast asleep in their beds, Sundays are long days for them.

(I can't wait until they wake up though, the weather is beautiful so we can finally go play outside!)

Now, where was I?

Ahh yes, my 2 beautiful boys...who better be thankful for their lives, as far as my body is concerned! ;)

So, I was still fairly fit during my pregnancies, I did gain a good amount of weight, but no more than the average woman does.

With a I was still coaching and teaching full-time and would walk the neighborhood in the evenings with my hubby.

With e, I was teaching PE part-time and would workout at Curves about 3-times a week on average.

(I was even still playing volleyball during the 1st few months of both of my pregnancies, until I got too big to move!)

This wasn't entirely consistent, however, because during both pregnancies I was very sick, tired and had an aching body (but most women do when they are prego, so no big deal right?).

Well, it really wasn't until after I had my babies that I realized what a toll they took on my poor body!

I will spare you the details, but basically carrying and delivering 2 little (big) boys, particularly Little E and his HUGE head (combined with the way that my body is built and the fact that it had taken a major beating all those years of playing volleyball, which I did not realize at the time because I had so much muscle mass to support my joints), left me with a less than ideal post-pregnancy body to deal with.

But really, what mommy out there can't relate to this dilemna in one way or another?!!?

Which leads me to my point (I do have one, I promise)!

I am not simply sharing this with you to complain or scare you from getting pregnant (because believe me, I am thankful for my boys and do not regret having them by any means, I would do it all again, and I know there are plenty of women out there who would give anything to have a child, besides God told us it would not be easy, oh but how great the reward..and honestly, most of my issues are not "normal" pregnancy issues, they go way beyond that).

What I am doing is telling you my story, for the following reasons:

1. To encourage myself and others who can relate

2. To find a solution together so that we can all have the highest quality of life possible and be able to chase after our kiddos for many many years to come (God-willing, because we know that He alone is in control of all things, the Great Physician, the Master of Life and Death)

3. To hopefully help women prevent this from happening to them or happening to them again

Disclaimer: Like I said before, I am not an expert...I am not a doctor or trainer or anything of the sort. I am simply a former athlete and coach, turned stay-at-home-momma, who is sharing her journey in hopes that some of the things I have learned will help YOU (and encourage me)!

So, stay tuned for more of my fitness journey and hopefully you will be blessed for it!

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