Friday, February 19, 2010

New Twist

I decided to discontinue my personal family blog in an attempt to "de-clutter" my life!

I just cannot keep up with everything now that WOTP is taking off! Believe me, I am NOT complaining!

But because my family lives away (which was the whole reason I started blogging in the first place), I have decided to include the ramblings of our daily life on this blog!

It will be good for ya'll to get to know me anyway!

SO...the WOTP blog will now include anything and everything about me, my family and my here it goes!

A little background info...

My wonderful hubby (Big A or A), is a Worship Pastor...

I (Big E or E) am a stay-at-home-momma (ha! whatever that means) of 2 crazy little boys, who I will refer to as Little A (or a) and Little E (or e)!

So there you have it!

Stay tuned for more very soon...

FYI...other ways you can follow me, my family and my ministry are by friending me on FB, becoming a fan of Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries on FB and following me on twitter @wotpministries!

You can contact me at

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