Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekend of Love

To kick off Valentine's weekend, the 4 of us attended Little A's Valentine breakfast at preschool on Thursday morning!

Of course he LOVED having us there, especially his little brother, who he shows off any chance he gets!
The Valentine breakfast!

They served heart-shaped waffles and strawberries, so cute!

Little A stuffing his face!

Little E reading a book in the red chair! He is very advanced! Ok, maybe not, but he does make some good animal sounds and has the sweetest sounding "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da" in the whole world! (I will post a video soon)

After breakfast, A went to work and e and I returned home to begin the 1st of many Valentine projects!

We (I) made these pretty little petit fours for Gigi and Granddaddy!

I got the idea from MckMama! They were SO easy to make...believe me, if I can make them, anyone can (this coming from the most non-crafty person, A thought he was hallucinating when he got home)! Ok, so they don't look as good as hers, but still.

On Friday, a helped me make these pretty little flower Valentine's for Gigi, Granddaddy, Caleb, Eli, Uncle Seth, Auntie Jess and Auntie Sarah! Really, I did the making but he told me who to make them for and what color dum dum each person got!

Friday night, A and I attended our small group Valentine party and had a great time partying and playing games with good friends!

But the true celebrating began on Saturday, when the 4 of us traveled to Waco! We met up with Gigi and Granddaddy who graciously took the boys for 7 hours (ahhh) while A and I attended the Baylor vs. Mizzou men's basketball game with our good friends Tim and Quinn, we even got to go to the pre-game pep talk for Baylor! Tim, Quinn and I were rooting for Baylor (I am a Waco-girl myself but didn't really care much who won, mostly just like to harass A) and A was of course pulling for Mizzou!

Baylor pulled it out with a last second shot to win the game! It was hilarious listening to A and Tim go back and forth the entire minute one was yelling and the other cheering and then they would switch!

After the game, A and I attended the FUMC Waco Singles Ministry Valentine dinner, where I was the guest speaker and A was my opening act (he led worship before I spoke), as he likes to call himself!

We had a great time fellowshipping with the singles group and studying the story of Esther, in order to learn how to be "Successfully Single," or successful in anything we do in this life for that matter.

Afterwards, we picked up the boys who had been playing at Oma's all day with a whole bag of new noisy trains, cars and trucks that you know who (Gigi and Granddaddy) had bought for them to keep them entertained all day! They were supposed to go to the zoo but the weather was not cooperating!

When we arrived, they passed out their Valentine's to everyone and we headed home!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend of love, spending time with my 3 favorite boys!

I hope you had a great Valentine's weekend, celebrating with loved ones and would like to encourage you to celebrate love every day of the year, not just on February 14th!

Take time to tell those you love how you feel and again, let's not forget our one true love, 1 John 4:7-10!

(Sorry this post is so delayed but as you know, for about 4 weeks now, someone in our house has been sick...first we all passed around a stomach bug and then we all passed around a cold, which for e of course turned into an ear infection and for a turned into an upper respiratory infection of of now, we are just dealing with the usual congestion and cough, praying that spring will arrive sooner than later!)

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The Lewis Family said...

I'm impressed with those petit fours. And how come you can say our names, but not y'alls;)

Worthy of the Prize said...

Thanks and haha!! I did think about that as I was typing, it's not like people won't figure out our real names, I mean my full name is on the's just that all the cool bloggers have nicknames for their family members! Ha! :)

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