Thursday, March 25, 2010

EWomen- Update!!

***UPDATE: You will NEVER guess who became a fan of Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries on Facebook today, the very same day that I posted "EWomen"....SHERI ROSE SHEPHERD!! What is going on?!!? So cool!! (her website link is on my sidebar)...If you have no idea why this is so "coincidental," then read my original post below!
Original Post:

I have not had the chance to tell you about my experience at the EWomen conference 2 weeks ago!!

It was awesome!

I went with several ladies from my church and we had a great time!

Worship was led by Charles Billingsley, which was amazing!

We got to hear from some awesome speakers including...

Julie Clinton, President of EWomen
Chonda Pierce, Christian Comedian
Stormie Omartian, Christian Author (Power of the Praying Wife, Mother, etc...)
Angela Thomas, Christian Author (Women's Bible Studies)
Sheri Rose Shepherd, Christian Author and Former Miss America

These women all have incredible testimonies that were truly inspiring!

I ended up buying 3 of Sheri Rose Sheperd's books, including:

1 Fit For My King
2 Preparing Him for the Other Woman
3 His Mighty Warrior

I will be sharing more about these books in the days to come so stick around (I am also going to be trading out books to read some of the other ones that my friends bought)!

We also got to participate in 2 concerts from 2 of my very favorite artists...

Matthew West

Jeremy Camp

All in all it was an incredible weekend of worship with my girlfriends!

I definitely suggest that you attend one of these conferences if it comes to your area. I am pumped that they are planning to return to our area next year!! Woohoo!

One thing that truly touched my heart at this event...

I never realized how many women struggle with anxiety, depression, worry, etc.

So many women have had to deal with so many terrible tragedies in their lives, including divorce, mental illness, eating disorders, the loss of a child/husband, etc.

I mean I am not naive to think that life is not hard but I guess when you put thousands of women together in a room, you realize how real the enemy is in our lives.

We must do everything through the power of God to, as Angela Thomas put it, "spit on the devil!"

The reason I tell you this is because this experience re-confirmed something God had already laid on my heart (which is the real reason I became so aware of this problem that weekend, God was knocking me over the head, sometimes we need a little shove right?).

He wants us to produce a set of Fit Cards called Powerful Peace, which will be based on the peace that passes all understanding out of Philippians 4.

One day I will tell you the story of why this passage of scripture is so special to me personally.

But for now, I am so excited to begin working on this new set of Fit Cards with my sister Jessica, who has truly allowed God to work through her in overcoming her life-long battle with fear/anxiety and worry!

These cards will be available in a few months, along with 2 other new sets of cards, including...

The Prize (motivational team-building cards for all types of teams, including sports teams and corporate teams)

Beautiful Blessings (prayer cards for couples to pray over their marriage, which in our society we know is a need)

So, be on the lookout for these soon!

In the meantime, check out my cute new signature!!

I will be revealing the secret behind my cute blog design very soon! :)

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Beth said...

How do you do a signature? Is it written into your HTML code somewhere or do you copy and paste it when you want to use it? I have one I would like to use but haven't yet figured out the best way to accomplish that.

But back to your post ... So glad you got to experience that awesome conference and came away with a special word from the Lord with which you can bless others!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Thanks Beth!!

Go to this link and it will tell you exactly how to add a signature that will appear automatically at the end of every post.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I don't know if you saw my other response or not but I really appreciate your sweet comments, I enjoyed hearing how God provided for your son's mission trips!

Thanks for reading and encouraging!!

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