Monday, March 22, 2010

My Little Guys

You may be wondering what my little guys have been up to lately, it seems like it has been awhile since I posted about them, which means I have ALOT of pictures to show you, so bear with me! :)

They had a great time with Grandma and Aunt Leslie a few weeks ago while we were in Surprise!!

Grandma got to take Little A to preschool each day for Dr. Suess week! It was so cute the things they did with the kids that week, I was sad to miss it! Here was their schedule, teachers take notes ;)...

Day 1: "Cat in the Hat"
The kids got to wear any hat they wanted to school that day...Little A chose his "snow" hat that he got from Gigi! They also got to read "Cat in the Hat," the book.

Day 2: "Wacky Wednesday"
The kids got to wear their clothes backwards that day and read the book, "Wacky Wednesday."

Day 3: "A Wocket in My Pocket"
The kids got to bring something small in their pocket to share with their friends at circle-time....Little A chose to bring "Chick," the green race car from Cars, the movie. They also got to read "A Wocket in My Pocket" and make green eggs and ham! Not sure if they read that book or not...

Grandma also got to take Little A to AWANA that week to finish decorating his race car for the pinewood derby car race the following week!

He wanted a "Lightning McQueen" race car, so we bought him a big box of stickers, before we went out of town, for him to take to decorate with...Miss Kathy told me he was a very good boy and that he shared his stickers with the other kids, who all thought they were so cool! Ha!

Here is the finished product...

We had no idea how his car would turn out or even if it would run because Little A was sick the 1st week they worked on their cars so we missed that...Big A got to help him the 2nd week they worked on them (while I stayed home with sicky Little E), that was the week he painted his car (1st white, then yellow, then black...which ended up in this nice greenish-looking color, you know how well he makes decisions...he learned from the master, me...ha!). The 3rd week Grandma helped him finish up, while we were out of town, and you know what....


He did so well in his heats that he got to compete in the Cubbie Championship (Top 6)! He ended up 4th place overall (1 point away from the 3rd place trophy)...we were so proud of him for making and decorating his own car and doing so well!

He was sad though, that he did not win the "Piston Cup!"

The week after the race was spring break, so I decided to take the boys to see Gigi, Granddaddy and Caleb! (oh yeah and the rest of the gang too ;)...of course they had a blast going to the new Children's Museum and the Zoo with their cousins!

Little E driving the "ambulance" in the medical section of the Children's Museum...

Little A and his best buddy in the entire world laying on the shelves at the Children's Museum...

This reminds me that I never did tell you about our most recent trip to the Children's Museum here in town several weeks ago with the boys' newest little friends, you can read about it here.

Well, I think that is all for now...but don't fret, I will be posting more about my little guys very soon...there is so much to tell you!

By the way, I spared you the pictures, there are WAY too many to post! I will have more for you in the next post!

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Beth said...

Your boys are adorable! Seems like yesterday mine was a Cubbie and now he's taller than me! :) Time flies so fast! Enjoy the moments!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Hey Beth!! Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I loved hearing how God came through for your son on the mission trip funds! He's awesome!! :)

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