Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Training- Day 1

Today was our 1st full day in Surprise and we had a BLAST!!

We went out to the fields early this morning so that we could catch some of the Rangers practices and I cannot tell you how cool it felt like we were apart of the team!

We were just out there walking around amidst the players and of the players even said hello to me...Big A was jealous, ha!

Some highlights from the practices...

-Saw Young, Kinsler, Nellie, Vlad, Salty, Chris Davis, and David Murphy batting in the cages about 5 feet from us

-Got a close up shot of Fox Sports' John Rhadigan...he had just finished eating a hot dog in the bleachers behind us and was washing it down with a drink!

-Got a close up shot of Ron Washington...I was literally standing right next to him!! I could have gotten an even closer shot but I thought I might be bordering on invading his personal space!

-Saw the catchers doing a drill...I got it on video because it was so shows why the catchers have such bad knees! (unfortunately I cannot get it to cooperate at the moment, will have to show you another time if it will let me)

-Saw Steve Buuuuuchelle!! He is apparantly coaching in the Rangers minor league system!

-John Daniels walked right past us, but he was going too fast to get a picture!

After leaving the practice fields, we checked out the gift shops and then grabbed some lunch...nothin' like a hot dog at the ballfield!

Finally it was time for us to attend our 1st spring training game...Rangers vs. Royals!

Big A is a Royals fan so of course he was in his Royals gear...and I of course was in my Rangers gear!

Some highlights from the game...

-Got the head-nod from Josh Hamilton after waving to him and yelling "Hey Josh," while he was chillin' in the dugout...he's hurt so it looks like we won't get to see him play any this week! :(

-Missed the perfect chance to get Elvis Andrus you can see from the picture, I was right next to him while he was signing autographs but Big A had the ball and he was nowhere around. :( I will have to stalk him tomorrow! ;)

-Got the best shot of the speaks for itself!

-Saw Charlie Pride sitting in the dugout with the Rangers!

-Saw the Rangers WIN over the Royals, 13-3!! Too bad for Big A!

-No sign of my buddies Grieve or Sundberg Nolan either!

Check back tomorrow for more baseball action from Surprise!

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The Lewis Family said...

Awesome!! We'll definitely have to do that sometime.... If it weren't for soccer. Or my broken face.

Worthy of the Prize said...

Definitely!! We will have to bring the boys, they would LOVE it when they are a little older! You would HATE where we are sitting...foul ball city!

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