Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Training- Day 2

I thought yesterday was a blast, but I must say that today was even better!!

Today we decided to part ways for you know, Big A is a Royals fan, so he went to the Royals camp this morning and I went to see my Rangers!

Since this is my blog, and I am biased, I will be telling you about my experiences today...I may have to let Big A do another guest post to tell you about his experiences, but that can wait! (by the way, everyone got a kick out of the fact that we were rooting for different teams)

Highlights from the Rangers practice...

-I got autographs from Hamilton, Vlad, Murphy, Salty and Chris Davis!! (yes, you read that right...can you believe that??) The players were alot more accessible today, as far as signing autographs.

-Saw that Ian Kinsler is the jokester that you hear he is...Michael Young was standing up, leaning on his bat and Kinsler came along and kicked the bat out from under him, causing him to fall to the ground!!

-Found out that Salty and Hamilton do look alike, but Hamilton is alot bigger!

-Joked with Chris Davis about how I needed my sons here with me to help me get more autographs! The little guys are definitely getting lots of love from the players!

-I got some pretty good shots of Hamilton and Davis, but they are not cooperating right now, so I will have to show you later.

After practice, we headed to the stadium to eat and get ready for our 2nd spring training baseball game...Rangers vs. Royals!

Highlights from the game...

-As we are getting our food, we turn around and there is my new buddy, Tom Hicks! We chatted with him about the Rangers, my volleyball days in Arlington with Ranger players' daughters, as well as our Austin connections!

Me and Mr. Hicks

-As the game is about to start, who walks in and sits down about 5 feet from us...Nolan Ryan, woohoo!! I went over and got his autograph and Big A took his picture while he was signing stuff. I got to talking to him about my days of playing volleyball against his daughter...but we did not get far before he was swarmed! Good thing I went over when I did, because people were bombarding him the whole game...I felt sorry for him cause he was trying to watch the game...finally they stopped allowing people to go near him, he had his own guard!

You can see me behind Nolan Ryan, admiring his signature on my ball!

-David Murphy's beautiful family (wife and 2 little girls) sat down next to us!

Unfortunately my boys lost, 4-2. :(

Big A was obviously excited about the win..but even more so, because he got to see Greinke (last season's Cy Young award-winner) pitch!

All in all, it was a great day!! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

I am still on the lookout for Mr. Grieve and Mr. Sundberg, and I would still like to get autographs from Kinsler, Young and even far Kinsler and Young have been almost impossible to get!

Check back tomorrow for more baseball action!

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