Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Training-Day 3

Another excellent day at spring training!!

We did not attend the practices this morning because a good friend of ours graduated with her Doctor of Audiology here and we attended the ceremony!

Congrats Amy, we are so proud of you!

After the ceremony, we booked it to the game this afternoon, Rangers vs. Royals!

Highlights from the game...

-Sat a few feet from Tom Hicks, Nolan Ryan and JIM SUNDBERG!! I finally saw him but he was sitting on the field, just on the other side of the screen and I never had a chance to say hi!

-Sat a few feet from Toby Hall's wife and kids!

-Sat a few rows in front of Ian Kinsler (he had the day off), who was dressed in street clothes...and no one recognized him!! I discreetly went over and sat next to him, asked him if he would sign my ball, he did and I whispered "thanks" and went back to my seat. I was so excited because no one even noticed and I did not cause him to get swarmed, like I did poor Nolan yesterday! I was pumped because I really wanted his autograph!!

-Royals win, 2-1. :(

Here are the pictures of Davis and Hamilton that I wanted to show you yesterday...I finally got them to cooperate...

-Chris Davis is so nice!! As I told you yesterday, I was chatting with him about my boys and he stood there until everyone, who wanted it, got his signature!

-See Josh Hamilton talking to this cute little boy and cute little girl, who I saw off and on all day long yesterday...she told Josh that she "can tie her own shoes now" was adorable!! He was like, "that is so good." Anyways, long story short...It turns out that I know their parents and family...I went to school with their daddy and played volleyball with their aunt and against their mother! And I found this all out because of the wonderful world of Facebook! Their daddy posted the same pictures on his page last night and we made the connection! So today, I met up with these friends of mine and we chatted for several innings, it was so good to catch up! Well, it turns out that they are friends of the Hamiltons (Josh gave the little boy a bracelet) and they gave us the inside scoop as to where Josh will be tomorrow (they come to spring training every year), so we just might have to tag along! ;)

-On a side note: I ran into another guy from my highschool...he is here with 2 of his is a birthday trip for one of them! How come I have to come all the way here to see these people... I never run into them at the Rangers Ballpark?!!? So funny!

Still no sign of Mr. Grieve! He may not be here yet cause I found out where he stays and he has not been spotted there as of yet. I guess I will just have to wave to him in his little booth on Opening Day, like I do everytime I am at the ballpark!

We are headed home tomorrow, so we may or may not get in anymore baseball action before we leave (weather is not supposed to be good)...but I will let you know if we do!

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