Friday, April 9, 2010

The Easter Bunny

Ok, so yesterday when I told you all about our Easter fun...I forgot to tell you about the boys' Easter baskets!!

So, we don't really do the whole Easter Bunny thing in our house...not that there is anything wrong with the whole idea, it just simply does not fit in with our Easter routine and it's just not that big of a deal to us to fit it in!

Big A is up and out of the house at the crack of dawn every Sunday, leaving me and the 2 little men to get up, dressed, fed, out of the house lookin' decent, trying to get to church on time all by our lonesomes!

And so goes life when you are M2M! (I stole this term from The Preacher's Wife) Thanks Lisa! :)

This leaves us only a few options...wake the boys up at the crack of dawn to hunt eggs and dig into their Easter baskets (no thank you, I would rather sleep til 8 and not have them acting any nuttier than normal in SS), let them see them when they wake up and Daddy misses the fun (not)...or do it after church, but by this time we are well into our Easter plans with extended family!

We decided that we would just give them their Easter baskets (not that they needed anything else in addition to the stuff they got from 4 egg hunts) when the 4 of us are together and they have plenty of time to enjoy what is in them, before being hauled off to the next event!

This year it worked out best to give them to them Saturday evening (they know they are from Mommy & Daddy) because we were all home all evening and Sunday was packed-full of fun already...we got home with just enough time to re-organize and get in bed!

Here they are:
Little E not too sure what to do...Trying to open an egg...
Found some chocolate...
This kid is all about the food and it always ends up all over his face!

Aren't their Easter baskets cute?!!?

The covers are baseballs with their names embroidered on them, love them!

PB Kids of's an addiction! ;)

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M.O.T.B said...

I love the pic with the chocolate all over the face. Kind of like what is in here...oh CHOCOLATE!!!! Cute.

destiny said...

They are so cute!!! Love that chocolate face! :)

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