Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun

This year we participated in a total of 4 Easter egg hunts!!

It is no wonder that as I sit here and type these words, I am surrounded by boxes, bags and baskets full of Easter eggs, candy and a variety of other treats!

Remind me why I chose to start my fitness journey the week after Easter?!!?

The Cadbury Mini Eggs are calling out to me! ;)

Don't you worry now, I have not cheated once on my eating plan!

As you know, Little A had an egg hunt with his preschool class that I helped out with, but I have not told you that we also participated in an egg hunt with the Preschool Ministry of the church where he attends preschool.

Hunting together...

they got So many eggs at this hunt!

A few of the moms from my MOPS group joined us in the fun! We even had a picnic on the playground afterwards!

On Friday night, a and e spent the night out at the ranch with Gigi and Grandaddy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Seth and their little cousins! Of course they had a blast!

Then on Saturday, we all attended the Easter Eggstravaganza at our church and as usual, the boys had a great time and even got to go to their favorite restaurant afterwards...Chick-fil-a!

Here they are with their cousins...

Too busy opening candy to even look at the camera!

On Sunday, we all worshipped Our Risen Savior together at our church and then headed to Oma's house for a delicious meal and yet another egg hunt!

Big bro helping little bro find an egg... too cute!

All in all, we had a wonderful Easter celebration with friends and family!

Now if I can just get the boys to settle back into a normal routine after a weekend of no naps and sugar-overload! Not to mention a ton of new toys!

Oh, I almost forgot to metion something very special that we did with the boys this year (a new tradition for us).

Each night from Palm Sunday to Easter, we did a little family devotional related to the Easter story.

And we decorated our little Easter Cross that I bought from my friend Kim of Five17 Creations as we went!

The boys really got into it!

I hope you had a great time celebrating Our Risen Savior with loved ones too!

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Pennie Pastor said...


The Lewis Family said...

That picture of our kids is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me giggle every time.

Worthy of the Prize said...

I know!! It cracks me up every-time I see it. I cannot believe all 4 of them are doing the same thing and none of them are looking at the camera! Kind of like that Christmas pj picture, but in that one they are all doing different things!

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