Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Preschool Front

I just returned from helping with Little A's preschool class Easter party!

Oh the joys of motherhood! ;)

At the beginning of the year, we had the choice of signing up to make homemade playdough for the class (no thanks) or helping with one of the class parties!

I chose the Easter party because it is my favorite holiday and because it is late in the year, which gave me time to procrastinate (I mean learn how things work)!

The class had a great time eating pizza, hunting eggs (Little A found a Cars egg, which was of course his favorite), decorating cookies, coloring eggs (Little A chose to color his egg yellow and then green, so now it is a lime green), playing games and learning about the true meaning of Easter.

Actually, it was really easy to help out, he has such wonderful teachers. They have that class under control, which for Little A is a great thing, he does so well in a structured environment.

Miss Debbie and Miss Lori have such a good class routine in place, he knows what to expect at all times.

In fact, Little A is really thriving in preschool. Praise the Lord!

According to his teachers, he has become the leader of the class...scary!

When the new boy Zane arrived late in the year, Little A was chosen to show him around and tell him what to know he loved that! He has had much practice bossing Little E around!

He is still smitten with his little girlfriend Presley and also has another little girl Emerson who likes him! Emerson even had to give him a kiss on Valentine's Day! Lord help us!

And thankfully he is a smart little thing and a good listener too!

I know I am biased, but these observations are not coming from me!

One day I am going to have to do a post of some of his comments, he says the funniest things!

In the meantime, we have lots of fun things planned for the boys this weekend and have already done some fun Easter things, so expect a post soon about those!

Until then, Happy Easter!!

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