Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok, so this may come across as begging...and you would be right!!!

I am asking you for HELP!!

If you read this blog, PUH-LEEEASE click "Follow" and become a "Follower" of this blog! (on the sidebar) FYI: You do not have to have a blog to follow a blog. You can also follow from a Google account (gmail), Twitter account or Yahoo account.

If you are on Facebook, PUH-LEEEASE click "Like" and become a "Fan" of Worthy of the Prize Sports Ministries! (on the sidebar)

If you are on Twitter, PUH-LEEEASE click "Follow" and become a "Follower" of @wotpministries! (on the sidebar)

This tiny little action from you will help our ministry A TON, in ways you could never imagine!

It is not about getting "fans" and being "liked"...it is about creating opportunities for WOTP to spread the gospel message to a larger/more wide-spread audience (and a little bit about better/more frequent giveaways for YOU)!

And all it means for you is that you will see our updates on your blog, Facebook, Twitter account!

You are then free to read (or overlook) these updates as you see fit!

Disclaimer: I am not asking you to create any un-wanted accounts or do anything that you do not feel comfortable with...I am asking you to do these things if you are already a "reader/follower/fan" anyway!


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