Monday, May 3, 2010

(Birthday) Boys and their Bikes- Update!

***Update: I added pictures of the cool Cars birthday cakes (which I meant to include earlier)!!
Little A and Little E celebrated their birthdays this past weekend with a fun Cars party at Pump It Up!!

Both of their birthdays are in May, 3 weeks apart, so this year we decided to have a joint birthday party and it was a blast!

The festivites began last weekend when they were surprised with early birthday presents from Gigi and Granddaddy...Lightning McQueen bikes (complete with knee pads, helmets and a horrendous "horn")!!

They were thrilled and of course spent the rest of the weekend riding them non-stop!Little A had "bike day" this past week at preschool, so they gave them their bikes early so he could take his big boy bike to school with him!

At their party, they pretty much jumped, climbed and threw balls on the blow-up "jumpy houses" for about 1/12 hours straight!!

They slept good that night!

I cannot believe we got such a good picture of them and all their little buddies:

Here they are blowing out their Lightning McQueen candle on their awesome Cars cakes, made by my friend Toni!! The 2 cakes actually fit together to make a figure 8 track that we put cars on! We sang "Happy Birthday" twice so they each had a turn, we had to help Little E blow his out!

One of Little A's favorite gifts was his "real" baseball uniform (complete with eye black and batting gloves) like the "real" ball-players wear (also from Gigi and Granddaddy):

He insisted on wearing it immediately and going into the backyard to hit some "homeruns!"

He even insisted on sleeping in it that night!!

He is also looking foward to going fishing with his new Lightning McQueen fishing pole (also from Gigi and Granddaddy)!

He's just waiting for Granddaddy to take him! :)

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MJ said...

Love the shirts! :) They look CUTE on the boys!!

Paula said...

Sounds like Gigi and Granddaddy are trying to spoil those boys. Looks like they had a wonderful birthday.

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