Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another New Adoption Family

Meet our newest adoption family!

Bryan, Susanne and Joy

Adoption is our greatest miracle. After 10 years of marriage, years of infertility, and two failed adoptions, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter. She has changed us in ways we can’t even begin to describe. We love being parents and we love our little girl. We know Joy coming into our lives is providence, and we can hardly wait to embrace another child.

Adoption has not been an easy road for us, but one that has brought us the most blessings. We can not imagine our family formed any other way. We are thankful for amazing birth parents, who make adoption possible.

We know God has a plan for our lives and we believe that somewhere someone is looking for a family who will love their baby and that, when the time is right, God will bring us together.

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