Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another New Family

I am SO excited to introduce to you our 7th adoption family that we are supporting!!

David and MacKenzie Stefanich

David and I have been married for one exciting year :) We are both elementary school teachers, and so far have 2 pugs in our growing family. We love the outdoors and love to ride bikes, jog, and go to the beach.

Since before we were married we always knew adoption would be a part of our family plan. Once we decided to start a family, we felt so strongly called to adopt, that we knew we had to move on it right away. We felt like our children could be waiting for us in an orphanage, and if so, there was no way we could wait to adopt.

While were researching adoption, we saw a video on our adoption agency's website. It was a video of children in an Ethiopian orphanage. We didn't even need to discuss it. After watching that video, we knew our children were waiting for us in Ethiopia.

David and I hope to adopt 2 children from Ethiopia. Our true desire is to adopt a sibling group, but we trust that God has a plan for us and our children, and will go through the adoption process again if we adopt only one child this time around. We are so excited to start our family and cannot wait to meet our children! Thank you so much for helping to support us through this process. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we go through this amazing adoption journey!

I am simply amazed that of the 7 families we are supporting, 3 of them are adopting from Ethiopia...for a total of 4 Ethiopian children!

I read somewhere that only a few thousand Americans adopt from Ethiopia, which is a very small number compared to the millions of American families that exist...yet we are supporting 3 of those families!

Plus, the Adult Ministries Pastor (who happens to be the former Recreation Minister from Willow Creek, which of course I am excited about) at Spring Lake Church (our new church) is adopting from Ethiopia as well!

God is obviously doing something BIG through adoption and more specifically through Ethiopia and we are thrilled to be apart of it!

Did you know that if only 6% of Christians would adopt, the orphanages would be empty!

Something to think about!

BTW, I am headed to NYC so you won't hear from me for a few days! Check back middle of next week for a post about my trip!

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Kim Foo said...

Welcome to David & MacKenzie :)

And its interesting you blog about this today. I got a call from my pastor last night he meant to call to check in on our youth ministry and make sure everything was set for camp next week. But he said everywhere he has turned on his vacation (which is really a pastors conference somewhere lol) he has run into people who have or are about to adopt from Ethiopia. He said they have been thinking about Bryan and I. But when he told me it just made me think about what an awesome thing God is doing in Ethiopia right now - and it is bringing me to tears to think that he would include my family in this work. God is good :)

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