Friday, June 4, 2010

Family Fun

Last weekend we traveled to see my family and we had a great time!

Friday night we all got together to celebrate Little E and Granddaddy's birthdays and then Little A and his cousin Caleb got to "campout" with Gigi on her living room floor!

On Saturday, we all spent the day together at the park where the boys got to play on the playground, go fishing, ride their bikes and have a cookout!

On the playground!

Little A told Caleb, "shhhh...we don't want the fish to hear us!"

Granddaddy helping Little A catch his 1st fish!!

He is so proud!!

Ready to ride!

It was a nice, fun, relaxing time with the whole family and the boys are already asking when can we do it again!

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi, Erin.
Love your blog - just signed up to follow it. Looking forward to learning more about what you do with it (and you'll definitely have to get a GB Packers Fit Band!). :^)

Tina Hollenbeck from Spring Lake

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