Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Our life at the moment is crazy, to say the least!!

We pretty much wrapped up our life in Austin on July 4th, which was Big A's last Sunday at AMBC!

From there we headed to FW, where he flew to GB to start his new job at Spring Lake Church!

He had a great week there meeting people, setting up his office and leading worship (they even presented him with a cheese-head on stage his 1st Sunday there) while we stayed at Gigi & Granddaddy's and spent the week with my family in FW!

While we were in FW waiting for Big A to return, I got to:

-spend time with family and great friends
-eat at Joe T's (my favorite place in the world)

and the boys got to:

-go swimming at the Chaney's house and to the Ranger game with the whole crew
-ride bikes at the lake with Granddaddy, Uncle Seth and Auntie Jess
-go to children's camp to hang out with Scott, MJ and Grayson for the day
-go to Hawaiian Falls (water-park for little ones)
-play with their buddy Thomas at his new house
-spend time with Amy, Jen and Rachel
-go swimming with Tracy and Chase at their house
-go to the FW Zoo and Chick-fi-la
-go to Barnes & Nobles (where they collected several new toys and books) and to the park with Gigi
-have a sleepover at Caleb's house, where they watched the Little Mermaid :)

Not to mention they went swimming at Gigi's almost every single day they were there!!

They had a blast!!

But without a doubt their favorite part of the trip was spending time with their cousins (best friends)...

Little E and Eli

Caleb and Little A

When Big A returned, we went back to Austin and had some of our dearest friends over for one last cookout at our house (our last night there as a family) and then we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house!

Stay tuned for the details of that trip!

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